Anti-Black Defamation League (ABDL) are members sworn to protect Black American Freedmen from defamation. ABDL represents the collective voice of 42 million American negro descendants of chattel slaves living in the United States today and their ancestors before them. Each membership helps Black American Freedmen build socio, economic, and political power.

America gained its notoriety and power from buying and selling Black American(s) and everything about them. The United States will no longer mock the culture, heritage, and traditions of Black American Freedmen. Fast forward to today and the global community feels entitled to appropriate Black American culture and heritage, and legacy. People and companies who feed off the work of Black American Freedmen are bloodsuckers.

The only people who have ever stood up for Black Americans have been Black Americans. It is our right to gatekeep and protects our heritage. League members are trained and prepared to handle consequences or retaliation by preserving the image or reputation of Foundational Black Americans, American Negros, or descendants of chattel slavery. The purpose of the League is to hold traditional media accountable, ensure positive portrayals in entertainment, and advocate for policies that benefit Black Americans first.


When approached by members of the League, you, and your company, will be given an opportunity for growth. We offer offenders an opportunity for growth, a chance to correct their actions, or apologize for any mistakes. League members are highly regarded and well-respected members of our community and should be treated as such.

League members make an annual commitment to meaningful conversations and new opportunities for growth. Members use gentle course correction to stop defaming statements. Offenses you may be charged with include, but are not limited to:

REPLACE  Replace Black American heritage or culture with another nation.

MISUSE   Misuse Black American culture for personal or commercial gain.

PAN GLOBALISM Affiliation with another nation’s culture (melanated or not).


According to FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) statistics, 26 percent of hate crimes committed in 2019 alone were anti-black hate crimes. Anti-black hate crime continues to outrank any other group, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or gender identity year after year. It is time for us to gatekeep our culture. Black American culture is the culture of the world.

Black American Freedmen are responsible for nearly everything cool in the world. From Hip Hop to Jazz, Blues, & Disco. From the food we eat to the things we say, things we invent, the literature we write, the art world we created, and the confidence we display. This is your time to gatekeep your heritage and culture. It is time to stand up for your identity in this world. You represent the voice of 40 million Black American Freedmen, descendants of American Negros living in the United States today, and their ancestors before them.



Your one-year membership includes a welcome letter, membership guidelines, and best practices that help you take full advantage of your time as a League member. The only people who have ever stood up for Black Americans have been Black Americans. Stand up with us now!

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