We Stand With Kyrie’s Rights to Free Speech

Anti-Black Defamation League invites Black American Freedmen to use their spending power and influence to course-correct violence and defamation with social media block out

Dear Black Americans,

Anti-Black Defamation League (ABDL) has written the following statement in support of Mr. Kyrie Irving. We represent the voice of 42 million descendants of chattel slaves in the United States and today we stand behind Kyrie Irving and his first amendment right to free speech. 

The ABDL is committed to a social media “Block Out.” Block Out means to block NBA on all your social media platforms. Block profiles like NikeMicrosoftAB InBevPepsiAT&TCoinbaseGoogleLegalZoom, and more. Even if you aren’t following, block the profiles. Blocking profiles disrupts the algorithm and causes the platform to collect less of your data. This block out is supported in partnership with the Capitol Accountability Project, Black State Of America, East Coast Coalition of Atonement, Newstoter, Antwion Thompson, Sincerely Black Love, Elevated Developments Inc, Blackfire Capital LLC, Shield of Valor Executive Protection, Isaiah Washington. 

Social media companies typically make money in one of three ways: 1. Selling User Data. 2. Sponsored Content; or 3. Premium Subscriptions. Billion-dollar platforms TwitterFacebook, and Instagram charge corporations to show users ads and commercials on their platforms. Prices vary based on the platform’s active monthly users, user data (demographics, age, region, etc), and/or length of time. The algorithm hyper-targets each user’s data based on your usage patterns (historical tweets, filters, etc). For example, Facebook has 2.9 billion monthly active users and over ten percent of Twitter’s revenue is from selling user data. We also encourage American Freedmen to block celebrities and businesses who spoke out against Mr. Irving. The desired outcome of the boycott is to visibly see a revenue loss of $5 million dollars or more from each company as compensation for defamation, slander, and false accusations of antisemite against Kyrie Irving. Instead, we recommend watching and following the BIG3.

To the players, if you feel unsafe in your home, at work, or while traveling, please contact Shield of Valor Executive Protection today. Shield of Valor can offer you 24-hour executive protection and it’s a Freedmen-owned business. For details, contact valorelite21@gmail.com or visit www.shieldofvalorep.com.  


Brooke S. Sinclair

Founder, Anti-Black Defamation League

Published in BlackNewsDaily.com